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I completely removed an entire panther/jaguar floating head of nonsense, realigned the derpy eyes of the original for the main tiger, created shrubbery in place of said floating head, and overall made minor adjustments all over the piece.

I did start out loving working on this piece, I believe at the time I had been working on lots of little itty bitty stitching pieces or some such, or maybe it was that I was too involved in patterns? Whatever it was, I forget, the point is getting back to 'large' 14 count fabric was a breath of fresh air. Diving in was great, fixing those derpy eyes was great, but then... like... every color was a shade of white or a shade of khaki and I became sliiiightly bored. That might explain why I went through all the extra effort to remove the floating head - I just needed something to do that wasn't khaki mixed with off-grey-green, man. Something. I'm sure if I hadn't sat on my butt since I finished this I'd have more to say to you all about it but it's mostly floated away now.

The image above is slightly off-skew for a few reasons. First most, I had to scan this in four sections, and that means that I have to line up the stitching as close as I can from one scan to the next. Usually this means I'm off my straight line by <1% but even that much of a skew means more missing stitches later down the line. I took multiple scans and then used an image stitcher to mash them all together into the resulting image above. Secondly, there actually is a slight skew because of my scroll frame I used while stitching. The actual fabric warping will come out no problem once it gets stretched and framed, but until then it creates a bit of an angle.

Tigers in the Grass - Half of Profits go to Tigers of America