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About Pinky

Photo of Ashley Mae, designer and owner of Make it Pink

"I just want my glitter to stay organized, is that so much to ask?"

I do the grand majority of everything here. I answer the emails, contact artists, draw the patterns, stitch the patterns, compile PDFs, order supplies, provide customer service, research the industry, balance Excel sheets, design the website, manage the facebook groups, take photographs, edit photographs, write descriptions, handle shipping, and throw glitter.

I started cross-stitching in 5th grade, beading in 9th, and making clothing after college. I've always had my sewing box with me in every class I attended, working on whatever project I had in my hands during lectures. You could say I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to be doing.

Creating cross-stitch patterns was a natural progression for me. It started out as just doing small edits to patterns I had. You know, wanting to change the color of something, or just slightly adjusting a line to be more symmetrical. My mom picked up HobbyWare's Pattern Maker program in 2005 for me when we moved to Arizona as a sort of novelty. It would let us turn photographs into patterns! Little did either of us realize the full suite of complex tools it had inside. By 2015 I stumbled into Hannah Alexander's artwork and wanted to stitch them the designs for myself, and now here we are: with all of you stitching them and me living vicariously!


The beaded dresses are my real passion project. They're created usually with nothing more than the dress form, a needle, a few dozen feet of Japanese One G nylon, and glass seed beads. The beads are sewn on one at a time and hold each other together, with the structure of the dress is entirely dependent on each bead being in exactly the correct place. As it turns out, putting clothing together (be it by hand or with a machine) is an entirely different animal than putting them together with only strung beads. The first time I learned how a shoulder sleeve seam works on a fabric dress I marveled at how easy it was compared to doing the beaded version.

In 2018 I opened a clothing alterations shop with my mentor. She had been training me out of her home once a week and the idea was I could have more regular, hands on learning by making it a daily job. This turned out to be a massive mistake! Almost exactly a year to the day we started I left and haven't spoken to her since. Though the experience as a whole left me feeling like a zombie, the practical life lessons are priceless.

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