About Pinky

A meticulous search for happiness.

I do the grand majority of everything here. I answer the emails, contact artists, draw the patterns, stitch the patterns, order supplies, provide customer service, design the website, manage the facebook group, take photographs, edit photographs, write descriptions, handle shipping, and throw glitter.

You could say I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to be doing. I've always had a love for miniatures, since my grandmother gave me a dollhouse before I was three years old. Her best friend made a lot of the furniture, and as far as I know she is still making perfectly scaled miniatures out there! As far as stitching goes, I got caught up in the addiction of cross-stitching during grade school and have since amassed a large collection of lacey, flowery, wonderful patterns that I want to do all the time. Both beading and stitching are incredibly relaxing for me and help me bring the stress down from a long day. I am a fourth-generation seamstress, though I believe I'm the first to be so unconventional!

Most, and thankfully not all, of my patterns and books are not in English (the only language I know). Because of the language barrier I've learned how to read the patterns all on my own. I couldn't tell you that I understand any of the actual words, but I get the general gist of things by now! The majority is in the Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. A handful of the rest are more 'common' to me, such as German or French. Oddly enough I find that the English patterns are the most difficult for me to follow along with!

Dresses are created, usually, with nothing more than the dress form, a needle, a few dozen feet of Japanese One G nylon, and glass seed beads. The beads are sewn on one at a time and hold each other together. The structure of the dress is entirely dependent on each bead being in exactly the correct place. That's where all that patience and focus comes in! A mistake can mean anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours worth of work needing to be undone to fix an incorrect bead (or stitch even, cross-stitch is a time consuming color placement craft as well!).