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Frequently asked questions

Dear Hannah Alexander...

I work with Hannah's artwork with her permission but I am not her. You'll need to contact Hannah Alexander via one of her many contact points such as Patreon, Instagram, Facebook, or Etsy.

Am I buying a pattern or a kit?

Patterns are labeled PATTERN, kits are labeled KIT.

Can I order something custom?

Yes! Let's work together. Send me a message using the form below with details of your project and we'll get all the specifics worked out.

What do you do with my info?

I keep your name, the title of the item your purchased, the final price of that item, and the date you bought it. I'll only contact you if I have to make a correction (it happens!), if you contact me first, or if your name appears so often that I take you to be a collector. Wix (my host) may keep more information on you than I personally know about. You can check those details here: https://www.wix.com/about/privacy

How many people are involved at Make it Pink?

There's myself, Ashley Mae. I do the grand majority of everything here. I answer the emails, contact artists, draw the patterns, stitch the patterns, order supplies, provide customer service, design the website, manage the facebook group, take photographs, edit photographs, write descriptions, handle shipping, and throw glitter. My mom, Mary. She helps do all the double checking and color corrections. My cat, Abby. He pulls thread out of the box for me.

There's a Facebook group?

There's a Facebook group originally started for Hannah Alexander's patterns and slowly expanding into my other artists' designs. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1078788192195752/ While not generally open to patterns from other companies/artists/shops, the group and I are happy to help you with general cross stitch questions and techniques.

What are my payment options?

Via Wix (my host) I can only accept credit cards. If you must use PayPal you can message me and we will set up either a private transation or through my Etsy shop. I only accept payments in person if I am already set up at a booth or other event.

How long are my downloads available?

Wix (my host) will automatically expire the download links after 30 days. Please back up your digital files! If you absolutely lose them and don't have access, send me a message and I will work it out with you. It's very important that you have your order number and date!

I'd like to collaborate and have my artwork converted and sold here!

Please contact me! I'll have a look at your art and see if I think it'll make for a nice pattern. I prefer to work with pieces with hard outlines, such as in art nouveau and stained glass. We can discuss what percentage of the profits I'll send to you each month. I send payments through PayPal. I'm no longer accepting new artists for limited edition series, sorry!

What does being a collector mean here?

Being a collector simply means that your name pops up on so many patterns that I will reach out to you to ask if you want to be notified when new, relevant releases are on the way. For example, if you've bought all of a designer's patterns except for one, I will send you a courtesy email to let you know it might've been an oversight. If you own absolutely every pattern in a set I will touch base with you to let you know when more are on the way.

What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in USD. It's not currently possible with Wix (my host) to show different currencies at this time. https://support.wix.com/en/article/request-selling-in-multiple-currencies-in-wix-stores

What's this about a Secret Shop?

The Secret Shop is a section of my website for Hannah Alexander's Patreons. You can access it by subscribing to her Patreon and getting the password. It includes patterns made from her Patreon Exclusive artwork.