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This color scheme/layout is from a photo I found via Pinterest of a flamenco-sort of dancer, bending forward. You can find that photo in the progress section of my Facebook albums. She had this pink flower in her hair which I moved down into the collar. DukeWaxeye and GraniteFire helped a bunch on color consulting here, but ultimately I take credit for properly layering things. Her skirt was in several layers of ruffles which this pattern doesn't accommodate for, but rather than alter it dramatically I decided to just "trick" the color placement for the end result seen here.

It follows the base pattern exactly, save for the color alterations. This was my main goal as I'm trying to retime the base patterns and creating something entirely custom would make the point of redoing these moot. That said, color alterations are more complicated than you'd think! Finding the correct spots where the skirt changes color, for example, was almost a massive mistake since the original pattern assumes that the skirt and bodice share the main color. The ruffles were their own headtrip trying to get it to imitate the lacey ruffles of the original photo but I'm pretty darn pleased with how they turned out.

The largest color change for me is the bodice, removing those stripes but maintaining a collar. I loath the bust stripes of the original pattern but I'm actually pretty okay with the collar. Swapping that out without it looking like a straight cut is something I'm particularly proud of.

Soft pastel pink, satiny white, and straight black glass seed beads in sizes 11 and 15. Threaded together with white Japanese One G nylon... I might've used pink in the skirt but I'm pretty sure I stuck with white all the way through, bluh now I can't remember. In any case it would've been One G.

Sweet Pink, White, and Black Split-Skirt Miniature Bead Dress