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Designed by Emily Proctor to spruce the ovals up, these patterns act as bonus additions for your final piece. Enough of the original pattern has been left in to give you reference points.

The ovals are shown in "Marker Gold" - a color that doesn't exist! The lines are there for you to decide which color YOU want to add, be that metallic gold, rainbow variegated, or simply a color already existing in the pattern.

More princesses will be added as they become available - please be patient!

Original Princess redesigns are by Hannah Alexander Artwork.
Oval redesigns are by Emily Proctor.
Transfer, PDF, other management, and original patterns by myself.

Oval Decoration - Jasmine, from Emily Proctor

  • You'll need to have a PDF viewer. Most of the time that means going to Adobe's Website and downloading it. If you're on mobile that means downloading an app that will work with your operating system.

  • This overlays with the existing princess oval.