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This piece includes an area for customization! It's right above "GARDEN" and below the fountain, in the center. You may place your own name, a small set of words such as "in the" or "in my", or any other short phrase or word.


This was a really enjoyable piece to do. I started in the center (normal) which just happens to be the brick wall with the fountain, and I must say, that part wasn't a great deal of fun - there's a lot of different shades of red in there to get the effect and then top it with all those grays and greens... it was becoming very popcorn-y but I'm really, really pleased with the result. It's so darn pretty! Once the brick was finished it was really just a matter of moving the hoop around to get all the little sections finished. I love how many things there are to see in this piece. Every section has something beautiful of its own and as a full piece it really brings it together.

Of course, as this was my sample piece for the PE article, you could also play a bit of "spot the difference" with my finished pattern and the kit's sample image. I repositioned some things, completely removed others, added blending filament to the dragonflies, and left the plaque on the brick wall blank for customer customization. Customerization? Except for being really nit picky with how things were placed I did really love spending the time stitching this. The colors are bright and wonderful, nothing feels out of place. It's sort of difficult for me to give up. :')

In The Garden