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A cute and spooky ghost to decorate your house during the holidays! You could turn it into an ornament by adding a little ribbon or string to the back or simply frame it.


Changes to the original pattern are minor, but substantial. A bit of a contradiction, that, but so it is. The majority of the structure stayed the same, you probably still recognize (if you follow along with this sort of thing, anyway) this is from the Mill Hill ghost trilogy. Oh, stop yourself there - you won't be seeing the other two from me. I bought this one because of the little black cat hiding behind the ghost. It is such a nice effect, using the grey thread to show that translucency, I couldn't pass up the skill practice. Thank my lucky stars that the rest of the piece was relaxing to do too! Anyway, those alterations:

The face has been changed, almost entirely. The original has a 'goofy' or 'silly' or 'comical' face to make it look cutesy, I suppose, and if there's ever been something I under-complain about, it's goofy Halloween things. An