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Alright so I wasn't super into this project. Being enthusiastic about it is difficult for me. It was kinda like, I'm running out of kits to take with me to work to stitch while I'm sitting there for six hours answering the phone and 123stitch was having a sale and I was like mmm yeahhhh this might be okay. I like cottage chic (n.b. not shabby chic, I like my chic clean) but like flowers in watering cans are super thematic to this rural horse cowboy land I live in and I see them everywhere in the restaurants and in my cutesy sim houses and in all the shop windows and like duuuuuude enough. I'm in this weird spot where I'm in front of the computer all day stitching but then I get home and don't want to do that anymore but it's like all I do with my life is stitch and be on the computer?? ALL DAY?? ALL WEEEEEEEK?? Thank goodness Tax Season ends April 17th because I'm not sure how many more doses of this I can take, man.

So this watering can- flowering can- flower pot can-shaped doodad is from Mill Hill. The original pattern calls for a nice flowery Easter border but I looked at it and I was like, mmmm. Nah. Let's not. But then I was staring at like what about these little bees that were supposed to be next to the flowers at the top? And the solution was there: don't. Yeah, man. Just don't stitch those. Let's get this thing done. BUT THEN like the entire canvas was pretty blank, just this big flowering can in the middle of my blue paper and I was like, mmmm. That's pretty weird. Like, what can I do all around it to make this thing cool? And then I just... I didn't wanna do that either. I didn't want to put in the effort to make this something I might be happy about and I know I'll regret it later but right now my head is just NOT IN IT and so I decided to take the easiest, quickest route: cut it out. Yeah! Like the other Mill Hill shapes, and even a companion project to this one which is actually another blue watering can full of flowers but just smaller. It's true!

Alright so other than my own crazy headtrips for this project there's some design pieces here that I just generally don't like even on a really good day. Such as (I hear you asking) the fact that the color blocked sections are outlined with similar-but-contrasting beads. Nuh! I don't like it. Especially when Mill Hill kits are usually so nice about matching their bead colors to their stitching colors, having that pastel pink next to that deep magenta is just throwing off my groove, dudes. The yellow I can soooort of dismiss. The green and blues are fine. But that pink, I mean, you'd think I'd be fine with that, but I'm not. I'm not. If I had done the border around this piece that would've been another whining complaint spot for the design as a whole, I just didn't really care for the weird Mickey Mouse shaped heart at the top, I didn't like the big blocky flowers, the swirl sides were okay in concept but in application they just look stark against the rest of the piece. Along the bottom of the piece was some really cute flowers and I did consider shifting the entire piece up so that the flowers could be in front of the can like a bit of pretty foreground but, again, just not really worth my time right now.

Okay I think I've whined enough for one post.

Flowering Can

  • 3.5 x 3.5 inches