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Original artwork is by my best friend GraniteFire, gift art commissioned by me for the dear DukeWaxeye. What you are witnessing is true friendship collaboration.

This is a very quick stitch (it took me just 11 hours) in just 35 colors and comes with two variations: regular citizen chirpy and classy monocle kingbird. The final size on 18 count fabric is just 4x3.5 inches.

It's a perfect project for beginner-intermediate stitchers. There's no blended colors, only very few spots with quarter stitches, and the backstitching is easy to pinpoint!

When you finish this piece GraniteFire, DukeWaxeye, and I would all love to see it, please send in a photo!

Duke Waxeye (Silvereye), Your Friendly Neighborhood Chirpy from GraniteFire

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