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My aunt Gina had sent me a bunch of tubes full of assorted beads, by which I mean they were in all kinds of mish-mashed sizes, colors, and textures. I don't really have a lot of common use for mixed bead lots since my patterns rely so heavily on consistency... but then I had the brilliant idea of using them anyhow! I had a few mixed bags of size 15s that either her or Mom had given me in the past as well, so I set about gathering up my mixed bags.

When you mix a whole lot of beads together it's referred to as 'bead soup', but often enough I believe this is an accident. I myself created bead soup in the past when I knocked my color wheel over and spent days resorting all the colors. Normally I avoid this on purpose, but as with the beads my aunt sent me some people put mixes together on purpose to a theme. Like "pastel" mix with all sorts of colors in that range.

I didn't realize while I was making it but afterwards when I was cleaning up my supplies I noticed some of the baggies were marked Murano Glass. Now, for all my honesty, I can't guarantee that there's beads included in this dress that are Murano, it may have just been the baggies that were marked. I don't know and so Murano's brand name isn't included in the price, but on the upchance that it is Murano I've included the information.

Size 11 and 15 glass seed beads in assorted colors and textures. Size 11 and 15 glass seed beads for certain in silver-lined brown. Threaded together with brick and herringbone stitch with brown Japanese One G nylon. I altered a bit of the color pattern when doing this version of the dress. The beads that go through the bustline are a single line instead of double. The hem isn't a weird line, instead I gave it a lacey trim.

Bead Soup Confetti Halter Miniature Bead Dress