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Sign Up for the Reserve List for Hannah Alexander's Series 13: Mario

In case you haven't heard, Series 13 for Hannah Alexander's patterns are the Mario ladies!

The Mario ladies: Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina in both dresses and armor, and ye olde Boosette and Bowsette. This series is more "sketch" in style, with far less detail than Hannah's other costume design pieces, as the final poll winners were turned into illustrations for her Patreon physical reward tiers. They should be consistent with other Hannah Alexander patterns at around two feet tall when stitched on 18 count fabric. I am unlikely to include Boo & Bow's background stripes - but I will probably add ovals to them for consistency.

Peach is obviously near-and-dear to me, with very heavy bias, but I'll try not to show too much favoritism in design work. ;) I'll do my very best to give them all love. Because of the "sketch" stylization here I may attempt some flourishing, but I would never do anything to take away from Hannah's original visions here. This will be, in many ways, similar to back when I did Anastasia - who Hannah often worried about being in a "sketch" state. The dresses and armor will be separate patterns. This series together will cost $150, with $55 for trios and $20 individually. You may sign up for the Reserve List by filling out the form at the bottom of the home page. Please be specific about which patterns you want!

If this is your first time signing up for my reserve list then be aware that there's no money needed up front. :) I'll just email you with a personalized listing so that you can pick your pattern up and go without waiting for me to update the main listing.

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