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Announcing a brief Hiatus

Hello, my sweet marshmallow chickens!

Unlike previous years where unexpected things continued to pop up and interrupt my work flow, this year is... well, half unexpected, half planned. 🙂 There's a very solid future ahead of me where I'll be moving across the country this year to go live with my boyfriend, and anyone who's ever moved can tell you what a big upheaval that is to everything that was meant to be going on otherwise.

I'm taking a bit of time off for him to come over here and meet my family, and then I will be taking a bit extra time off to go see where I'd be living, meet his family, and get to know my new town. Then there will be time off to do the actual packing and moving part, assuming that all of this goes well (which it should!), which I imagine will take the better part of a month if not more.

I'm mostly worried about doing color checks with my mom, since she's not coming with me, and we'll be needing to do it long distance. I'm sure that we will work it out and get her used to screen sharing tech, and she will have her own boxes full of pristine DMC thread to compare to my own, but there will be a bit of bumpiness as we learn the new format together.

I have so many patterns I'm absolutely itching to get to work on! I just have to manage my time and this brand new chapter in my life. Everything will be for the better, and I appreciate everyone's patience as I go forward.

4 Alphonse Mucha

8 Erte

8 Frenone (possibly 11)

4 Just Call Me Cat (possibly 5)

33 Hanae Kariko

112 Hannah Alexander (not a typo!!)

18 Mario Princess Freebies

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Take the time you need your fans will still be here. Good Luck.

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