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New Freebie: Dress Form Additions for Brooke's Books Princess Dress Up Series

My most recent large stitching project comes to a close! With the final photos being posted I now offer you the dress forms for your own stitching joy.

You will need Brooke's Books original princess dresses for these patterns to be of any use to you! You can find them on her website or her Etsy shop. I designed these dress forms because I didn't like how the original dresses were "floating". Brooke wasn't interested in designing characters for the dresses, which honestly is fine and doesn't bother me (I prefer stitching dresses over people!), but I also didn't want them just sort of "in the air". There's obviously a "floor" in many of these designs, where the dress smoothly is laying on a flat plane, but there is nothing to hold the dress up. So! Mannequins! Even a tiny bit of neck sells the illusion that the dress could be in the shape it is without a ghost wearing it. I did many modifications to Brooke's patterns to serve my own interests. I did my best to document all of them and you can read about it in the various posts in my DeviantArt Gallery or if you really like scrolling via my Instagram. You can see some of the largest changes in the photos of the listing: the crown shelves offset to the side (they are aligned with the shoulder), and the accessory tables (I included dress markers).

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