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Hannah Alexander's Series 14 Now Available

The Winx ladies: Aisha, Bloom, Flora, Musa, Stella, and Tecna. These are the first mainline Series outside of the "small" patterns (the Sailor Moon cats, the Mario add ons) that are unlimited! Pick these up any time at all. This series together costs $110, with $55 for trios and $20 individually. You can find the fairies by clicking here. Remember Hannah's coupon codes:

  • 3 patterns, $5 discount: 5offHannah

  • 6 patterns, $10 discount: 10offHannah

  • 9 patterns, $15 discount: 15offHannah

  • 12 patterns, $20 discount: 20offHannah

If you order Bloom's pattern, she has some specialty supplies to finish: The little strawberries for finishing her dress should arrive sometime in March, and I won't be taking pre-orders for them in the off chance that they never reach me.

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