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Holiday Dragons from Sandara Pattern Now Available

Two versions come with this pattern: glittery and cotton. The glittery version makes use of Kreinik spools and DMC's Etoile threads for a lot of sparkle. Since those threads are specialty and can be expensive I also made a version that only uses DMC cotton threads, to help with accessibility. Both still use beads and both can be optionally finished with Kreinik Blending Filament for even more sparkle.

I'm so delighted to have worked with Sandara's artwork this year! Most of her work is SO painterly that it doesn't translate easily into my pattern style. When I saw her holiday dragons last year I knew I had to hop on the opportunity! The bold outlines along with the small size and lack of background made them perfect for translating into stitches. I was spurred into creativity and just KNEW this would make a glittery, beautiful piece for all of us artisans for ourselves or as gifts. Myself and many others have fallen in love with Sandara's Flamecraft series and these adorable dragons are just too much to pass up on!!

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