Hannah Alexander's Series 11.1 Now Available

Hannah Alexander's Sailor Moon in her scout and Serenity outfits, and Sailor Mercury, are now available as cross-stitch patterns! You can pick them up [here]. The portrait frames can be picked up [here].

I've also sourced special confetti that, while it won't be missed if you don't use it, will add an extra "pop" to your final piece. Not all of the patterns will use this confetti, and by the end not all the confetti might end up used, but I think it's a fun addition all the same.

Sailor Moon's Scout dress uses special beads! I couldn't find a consistent shape through Mill Hill -- I mean, they offer stars, but not quite the stars I wanted -- so I've sourced generic beads instead. These 5.8mm Gold Star Spacer beads are easy to find in local craft stores and I've included the Amazon link in the product description.

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