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Announcing Partnership with Frenone

Last week via the Facebook group I announced this, but now I'm making it wider known! :)

I'm super excited to announce my partnership with Frenone, a super cool gal who does Warcraft artwork.

These are the first six of many designs to come! They'll be sold in both of our shops for $20 each. They'll be around 12 inches wide on 18 count fabric. I plan to use beads, metallics, and other such specialties where appropriate. There will be alternate text for the banners available for free in the FB group. There's no limited/signed/etc editions involved here so it should be a consistent price forever. This is all still in a lot of the beginning stages so there might be 'set' discounts by the time this is all ready to go, but I'm just not sure if that'll be the case yet. :)

I'm not sure when exactly these patterns will fit into the schedule since I have, no joke, around 30 patterns on my to-do plate already, but I'd like to get the green hair lady (Ysera) done before Christmas if it's feasible. If you're worried about missing when these are released you're more than welcome to drop a message and I'll add a note for you, otherwise these are still a long way out and I'll be posting updates as things become more solid.

Frenone has also provided me with a brand new, fancy template to use for PDF covers! 💖 Over the next few weeks, possibly months, I'll be going through and creating PDF covers for all of my patterns so that everything is consistent and contains all the helpful links and info in one contained package instead of the sort of... you know, haha, all over the place way it is now. Those of you who have purchased things in the past will eventually be getting an update email from where you originally made your purchase - either Etsy or here on the new site - with the new covers. I just think that's a nice thing to do, it really keeps collections looking like they belong together.

Anyway. 🥰 I just want to tack onto the end here how happy I am and thankful for you all. Over the last 13 months I have more work than ever, more patterns going than ever, and so much more happiness than I thought was possible to have. I've bounced up 100% from my lowest to my highest. My sincerest thanks to you all for allowing me to put work into what I love doing.

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