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Alphonse Mucha's Primrose and Feather Now Available

I've sent out all the individual emails for those who wanted to be notified and maybe didn't join the site or my newsletter. If you didn't see it it's possible that it got filtered to spam, which has been happening. For everyone else... here's the blog post!

You can pick up all three of these patterns [here] and soon you'll be able to purchase Feather's material pack [here]. (I'm just waiting for the final beads to arrive before I start selling the packs!)

Primrose turned out super elegant. Her crown is all done in Kreinik metallic and DMC's satin for the jewels. She's definitely going to sparkle and shine the whole time you're stitching!

Her companion, Feather, lent herself to special finishing touches. Her headband is also done up in Kreinik metallics and DMC satin, but she has a bonus of using real chain and bead details! Of course, I included a version with stitched beads instead of real beads, but both versions use real chain (which you can either pick up in the material pack or find at your local craft store).

Here's what the beads from her belt should look like stitched with the material pack.

Last but not least, there's a simple version of each Primrose and Feather for those of you who like your cross-stitching just cross-stitching. There's no fancy beads, chain, or backstitching to be seen on these!

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