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This is the third time I've done the long-layered pattern and it remains one of the most time consuming patterns! The original pattern is Japanese and hence not my own design. After much input via both Facebook and Instagram it was decided that it really didn't need the extra lace added from the original pattern. This severely cut what the final time would've been and so I can't truly say that my speed has greatly improved for this pattern.

I had a bit of difficulty this time around modifying parts of it. Firstly, the green-rainbow beads I've used weren't exactly size 11 or size 15, I suspect they are Miyuki or otherwise hex-cut. They still worked perfectly with the pattern so I'm not complaining, it's just their odd shape made this dress very tight against the bodice where normally it would be just a little more airy. I modified the coloring around the waist as well to make the belt thinner than the original pattern's.

Created by hand, one bead at a time, using glass seed beads. Size 11 and 15 in rainbow green, pastel pink, raspberry pink, and black. Threaded entirely with pink Japanese One G nylon. Includes a pink metal signature tag hidden up the skirt for authenticity.

Watermelon Black, Pink, and Green Long Skirt Miniature Bead Dress

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  • The original pattern is Japanese - this is my modified version.

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