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Here's the newest dress! She's based on a photo/color palette by Design Seeds which I've included above for direct reference but should be duly noted that it isn't mine.

I had a lot of fun basically being really "free" with this dress. I picked out a selection of blues, greens, and purples, some of which were sent to me by Bev-Choy. Then I went through and chose the best creamy-tan colors I had, mostly leftover from the coffee dress. Last I pulled out the real-copper-lined beads (again, from the coffee dress) to give it a little bit of sparkle and "seashell" like effect on the "sand". My concept reference is a cliff with water beneath it but my aim was to create an ocean wave coming up onto a sandy beach. I randomly created a gradient between colors to mimic a rolling wave coming up onto the shore and for bonus points made the ruffle-lace edging a foamy white.

This dress has probably used the most colors of any dress, not including the bead soup / rainbow dresses. Glass seed beads in size 11 (white, three shades of cream