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I made quite a few changes to the color palette, both willingly and forced. I don't carry Anchor threads so that was one thing I had to replace. I was also missing a whole lot of the DMC shades that were required to make the bunnies (three shades of white, three shades of brown). I said "feh!" and decided I could make the cream work. This, of course, would be awful on white fabric, so I picked out a pastel green that I've been saving-for-no-reason-why-do-I-keep-this-stuff-stashed and really needed a good breath of fresh air. Fresh spring air, of course!

I replaced all twenty-one of the colors in some fashion or another, be it placement, symbol change, or downright "use this color instead" swaps. I instead used like six shades of white-cream-light-tan for the bunnies, swapped out the leaf colors, changed the ladybug out, and altered where the flowers were pink (why) instead of a light purple.

After working with the 32-count linen of Mirabilia's Dressmaker's Daughter it was a welcomed relief to work on some 14 count Aida again. The hardest part of this for me then was figuring out how to stretch it wide enough to work on, since my scrolls are occupied and I didn't want a hoop leaving all kinds of marks on the fabric. I went for a seven-inch hoop, and got 95% done with the whole thing before having to take it off and finish the rest by free-hand. The very very edges of the left ears couldn't be backstitched on the hoop and the very bottom stitches of the flowers were cut off. Well, working free-hand is something I've been avoiding since I learned about hoops, and what it is basically is rolling up and holding the fabric taut with my left while my right hand fills in the stitches the hoop wouldn't allow. It's really painful for the left hand (or, vice versa if you are left-handed) and I don't recommend it.

Cream Bunny Duo on Purple Flower Bed

  • 6 x 6 inches