This is an easy-medium skill level pattern, but that doesn't stop you from purchasing it now so that it's there for you when you're ready! This pattern uses full, partial, and back stitches. There are no beads or blended colors. The only metallics are used in the water. All colors are DMC.


Originally, the goal was just to make a pattern without black outlines and fill them in. Mattsma and I agreed that I would leave gaps in the pattern and just do a sketch line around, and that line would become bullion knots to give the entire piece structure and texture like the original artwork. The thing is, at that point in time I wasn't refining colors, and Mattsma hadn't given me a size limit so it just became really massive. Like, really. 20 3/8ths x 32 1/4th inches on 14 count. Outrageous.

The new pattern, the one you see here, was inspired by me looking through the old patterns I'd done and noticing just how much better this COULD be! darkly-shaded-shadow had done such a nice job with the coloring after all, it could be easily sectioned out and put back together in a couple of colors instead of a pile of random shading that the program creates. So... I did. And the result is what you see above, very pretty, very clean lines. Lots of partial stitching to get the effect. But worth it.

Seru Koi from Darkly-Shaded-Shadow

  • You'll need to have a PDF viewer. Most of the time that means going to Adobe's Website and downloading it. If you're on mobile that means downloading an app that will work with your operating system.

  • 110w x 176h stitches

    18 Count: 6 x 9.75 inches

    14 Count: 7.75 x 12.5 inches