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It was super straight forward, and to be honest a little boring to do. There's some adjustment from the original patterns; the bodice has some minor color adjustment, especially around the bustline, and notably does not use the sparkly silver pattern from the original. The skirt is slightly longer than the original skirt pattern to be consistent in length. I am really proud of my second combination pattern though! (The first being the Corset-and-Gown style.)

The scarf is entirely custom! As simply custom as it may be, of course. It's just two rows of RAW size 15 red glass seed beads, threaded with red Japanese One G nylon, made long enough to wrap around the neck. Originally I meant for it to also be a belt but it's just not quite long enough for the belt to be tied off (if I sew the edges together it'll work, but not as a versatile item).

The entire dress is done in herringbone stitch. The main dress uses black Japanese KO nylon, the neckline and top hem use white Japanese One G nylon, and the bottom of the skirt uses red Japanese One G nylon. Size 11 black, white, and red glass seed beads; size 15 white and black glass seed beads.

What I learned doing this dress is that the shiny silver dress form underneath shows through a bit with this pattern. It's not very noticeably in the photos, and indeed it's not all that noticable in person unless you get very close... but you can definitely see the mannequin underneath the beads with the black. I haven't noticed it with any of the other dresses so I suspect it's because of the really high contrast in colors. It could also be due to this particular Ballerina pattern as the bodice; the original pattern has those silver