Created with gracious permission from DeviantArt's Callupish this cross-stitch pattern has been designed with full attention to detail. Vigorous quality control throughout the project including color choice and pattern checking has been endured to ensure the highest standard of stitching for you.

At Callupish's request this pattern is limited edition. Get your's before it's gone! Each copy of the pattern is numbered #/50 and signed personally. Hence, every copy is unique!

This is a beginner-medium level project, though there is nothing stopping you from making your purchase now and waiting until you feel up to the challenge! This pattern uses full, partial, and back stitches. Metallic and rayon threads are used to accent the flowers and halos. All color codes are done in DMC threads.

I look forward to seeing your progress photos!

If you have any questions at all refer to my policy page: or contact me directly.

Four Owl Set from Callupish (Reimena) 15/50

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