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The Mucha Foundation was gracious enough to license me to use his artwork for patterns, and so now we can all benefit! The patterns have been laboriously created to capture the original paintings' detail so, yes, it will require a great deal of patience from you to finish. It's going to be incredible when you're done, truly a spotlight of your stitching prowess!

Feather has two pattern variations. The first has a selection of specialty beads and instructions for attaching them. You can buy those specialties here! The second will still need the chain and special charm, but the larger beads have been replaced with stitched versions.

Feather from Alphonse Mucha 1899

  • You'll need to have a PDF viewer. Most of the time that means going to Adobe's Website and downloading it. If you're on mobile that means downloading an app that will work with your operating system.

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