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World of Warcraft Ysera by Frenone Pre-Orders

Ysera's pattern is nearly ready! She just needs her symbols done and then any corrections and approval from Frenone personally.

Specs are as follows:

199 x 222 stitches

18 count: 11 x 12.25 inches (~28 x 31 cm)

14 count: 14 x 15.75 inches (~35.5 x 40 cm)

55 colors in the palette, I don't know yet how many are blend/backstitch only (and the ones missing from the photo are Kreinik spools)

You can put your name down for the reserve list via the contact form at the bottom of the page. She will most likely be $20 and you don't owe me any money up front - you'll get an email when she's available.

Text will be added to the banner and additional text options will be available as freebies via the Facebook group! Hope to see you there!

I also did something new for me and a bit experimental for the group for Ysera's pattern: I streamed it! Facebook has this "room" feature where I can share my screen, and therefore the pattern making process, to the group while chatting live with anyone who joins in. It was pretty fun and very motivating to get the piece done as quickly as I did. I felt like I really couldn't take any distractions while someone else was watching me work, haha. For now I'll continue streaming patterns via the Facebook group but in the future I'll likely be looking into better ways to stream it. Apparently the more people there are in the Facebook room the harder it becomes to actually see what I'm doing and not everyone appreciates how Facebook just automatically grabs their camera and microphone.

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