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Hannah Alexander's Series 11.5 Now Available

The secret cat tier has been released! Both the Sailor Moon iterations have glittery thread worked into their designs via Kreinik Blending Filament. I CANNOT WAIT to see the glitter! In a very first time move for Hannah, the two cats will be unlimited!! I also think even people who aren't fans of Sailor Moon could enjoy these patterns - omit the forehead moons and they're just cute cats! :) They'll always be available without my needing to renew any editions or fuss with signatures or anything! You can grab them along with the rest of the Series by clicking here.

And with that, Series 11 is Finished

It's been a very busy year! 16 Hannah patterns, Ostara, and 11 small freebies for the tally! I also managed to finish 11 physical pieces (two Aeries, two commissions, and the rest smaller projects). This year has been PRODUCTIVE! Never would I have expected to be able to accomplish so much, especially with how the recent previous years have gone, and I am so happy and thankful to have done so. Thank you everyone for supporting me through this huge project and letting me bring it to our stitchy lives. I learned a lot of super weird facts about this anime throughout and hope I've done proper justice to the characters. The portrait frames and oval decorations can be picked up [here]. Don't forget the specialty supplies! As a reminder, Hannah Alexander Series 12 is confirmed, but I'll be keeping it under wraps until I catch up with my Frenone WoW designs and Erte's Alphabet.

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