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Hannah Alexander's Series 10 Now Available

Hannah Alexander's Pink Zelda and Green Link are now available as cross-stitch patterns! You can pick them up [here]. I threw in a few bonus color palettes for Zelda so you can do Hilda or Midna too if you want.

Navi (Tatl, Tael, and Heal Fairy), Mipha, Blue Zelda, and Blue Link will be available within the next few days via the password posted on Hannah's Patreon. You will need to have access to the exclusive designs for the password.

EXTRA IMPORTANT: Your copy of Pink Zelda and Green Link come with coupons for their Blue counterparts. You will still need to be part of Hannah's Patreon to order the Blue versions, but they are FREE with the coupons from the order. SAVE YOUR MONEY and get the Blue patterns separate!

Their oval decorations are in the works! The portrait frames can be picked up [here].

The set pack isn't "real" in that you will eventually see it on Hannah's page but it is never going to be sold. It is simply there to stay in line with the other packs (I'm a sucker for consistency) and to help those who are trying to collect all patterns have a quick visual for which ones they do or don't have. You can read into more depth about this change via this blog post.

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