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Hannah Alexander Discount Coupons, Phasing Out Sets

I'll be phasing Hannah's Sets out starting with Set 10, which will now be "Series 10" - The Legend of Zelda. If you've been part of my newsletter or the Facebook group, you know that already!

The routine since I started working with Hannah Alexander is that I release patterns three at a time, $20 each or $55 for the set. The reason this happened originally is that Hannah only allowed me to do three pieces with a limit of 50 sales on each. I asked if I could do another 50 as a set, for the total of 100, and there you have it. Sets also had a $5 discount built in, as both a thanks and incentive to buy all three new releases at a time.

As file sizes have expanded and coupons have become easier for me to set up, the extra set listing creates a lot of bloat work for me, especially with the Zelda series being a split pattern release. I've talked to Hannah and she's fine with me dropping the Set thing and just releasing 100 First Edition copies (the 50 copy limit for subsequent releases will stay).

In order to keep it easier on everyone trying to collect them there will still be a faux "set listing" on the Hannah Alexander page so you can keep track. Sets 7, 8, and 9 will still sell as normal until the copies run out.

To compensate for the lack of a built in Set Discount, there's coupons. You'll have to apply them manually, my webhost doesn't have the feature to automatically do it yet. They are:

  • 3 patterns, $5 discount: 5offHannah

  • 6 patterns, $10 discount: 10offHannah

  • 9 patterns, $15 discount: 15offHannah

  • 12 patterns, $20 discount: 20offHannah

I'll put the Zelda series information in another blog post so it's easier to find. :) Again, if you're already subscribed to the Newsletter or in the Facebook Group you'll have already seen this information.

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