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Eeveelutions Pre-Order

I'm working with a currently secret artist to create some cute small patterns for the eeveelutions! Once I have all of them sample-stitched I can reveal my artist's name. In the meantime, here's a "who's that pokemon" style teaser:

As usual you can pre-order by contacting me with the form at the bottom of the home page. You don't owe me any money up front, the pre-order is just to get an email when they're ready so that you don't miss it! They will likely be $5 each or $40 for all nine. Oh... and the shiny color palettes will be included!

They average about 3 inches tall and are taking me around 10 hours each for stitching. Pretty quick! They're still within "my style" in that there's a lot of blending, backstitching, partial stitches, and some specialty threads involved in almost all of them.

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