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Bunei's Eeveelutions Now Available

All nine of the eeveelutions from Bunei have been stitched! You can now pick up your pattern copies, either as individuals or as a set, right [here].

Thanks a million times over to Bunei for creating this adorable fanart and allowing me to convert it for all of us to enjoy stitching. They're each extremely manageable in size averaging around 3 inches square and just around 10 hours of work from start to finish!

There's two changes since I stitched them that you will notice when you're stitching your's:

- I lightened one of Eevee's colors by changing it to a blend

- I made Vaporeon's main outline darker and her blend slightly lighter

Shiny Palettes for each eeveelution are included with their listing! In other words, if you buy Vaporeon you'll automatically get her pink version (the best version). All the shinies are mirror'd so in theory you could stitch both the normal and shiny versions and put them back to back for a charm - just like Bunei's originals!

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