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This pattern is also available for free on DeviantArt.


Qinni’s “Stardust” artwork inspired me back in 2015 when she first posted it to DeviantArt. I had
looked for her permission to convert it into a pattern and found the following:

Permission to use my artwork?
Please do NOT use my art for commercial purposes
Please put a link back to me and credit me properly if you're going to use my art for personal purposes
(websites, etc).
There's no need to note me for the above

I scrapped the project at some point in 2016. I couldn’t get the colors to match, I couldn’t figure out how to do the sparkles. I wanted to buy crystals to match it to the thread to make it SHINE like her artwork did, but that was going to require a significant timesink for me to stitch the piece just to see if I could find crystals that would match the scale for her artwork.

Now it’s 2020. Qinni had posted on Instagram on February 5th about her ongoing battle against cancer, that she felt tired but had “never had such a strong urge to keep drawing”. I remembered the old pattern and rummaged through my files to find it, set it on my to do list as something to revisit, and went back about my business.

I heard that Qinni passed away less than a week later. Even if I had not found out on DeviantArt where I originally saw her posting it would’ve been impossible for me to miss the news. So many of the artists I watch started sending out tribute artwork and stories about how she had inspired them.

I work much slower than many artists, but I wanted to contribute to Qinni’s memory as well. What was once just a shiny piece that I wanted to stitch for myself abandoned for more lucrative avenues is now a finished, refined, and color-ready pattern for all us crafters to celebrate Qinni with.


I suggest a light/soft blue fabric to match the tone from the original artwork. The text in the corner is included for the original artwork but could easily be excluded.

The digital colors are quite loud but the thread colors match well. The hair is done in glittery DMC
Etoile threads with Kreinik Braids sprinkled throughout. You can replace the Kreinik with rhinestones
or crystals to make it shine even more. Stitch on 14 count to leave more room for these accents. The rest of her is done in DMC cotton. There are several blended thread colors and partial stitches.
Thank you, Qinni. We all hope you are now at peace.

Ashley Mae