Original amazing art is by Glasmond and can be found [here].

Created with courteous permission from DeviantArt's Glasmond, this cross-stitch pattern has been designed with full attention to detail. Several other skilled embroidery artists were brought on for quality control on various parts of the project including color choice and pattern checking to ensure the highest standard of stitching for you.


This is a medium-high skill level pattern, but that doesn't stop you from purchasing it now so that it's there for you when you're ready! This pattern uses full, partial, and back stitches. Dozens of beads are used on each princess. Zelda makes use of metallic threads on her armor and flag. All color codes are done in DMC threads and Mill Hill beads.


There is a gold outline version of the pattern included. The gold outlines were used as guidelines for myself and so may overextend past their actual endpoints.

This isn't the first of my own patterns that I've done and it won't be the last, but it is by far the most complicated. (I haven't done Hannah-Alexander's Mucha princesses myself yet, but those patterns will be their own pile of crazy.) I wish I could infodump on you guys about this but it's just not coming as easily, perhaps because I planned out these challenges a year ago when I made the pattern? There's all sorts going on: full stitches, partial stitches, squares with four different colors going into their centers, metallics mixed with cottons, backstitching that follows no regular backstitching law, beads that go on quarter stitch lines instead of full squares, on and on.

There's a lot of complicated stuff in comparison to, say, a normal cross-stitching piece, but as far as actually stitching this? I was already ready for it! I made it! Nothing caught me by unawares, it was just a matter of patience, especially for the diamonds all over Midna's cloak. Goodness gracious, those diamonds... so sorry to all of you who pick this up hahaha but I did my best to stick to the original artwork and all those diamonds were part of the deal.

DMC cottons and metallics with a line of golden Kreinik #4 braid for the edge frame. Mill hill beads. 18 count white Aida. Four different needles.

Magical525, Mattsma, SpitfireFae, Fusainne, Katjakay, and GraniteFire helped a great deal with color, pattern, and quality control. My thanks out to DukeWaxeye for cheering me on and putting up with constant progress photos.

Color Total: 68
Bead Sizes: 2
Bead Color Total: 5
Bead Total: 278
Time Total: 262 Hours
18 count white Aida

Glasmond's Between Night and Day - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • You'll need to have a PDF viewer. Most of the time that means going to Adobe's Website and downloading it. If you're on mobile that means downloading an app that will work with your operating system.

  • 153w x 216h stitches

    18 Count: 8.5 x 12 inches

    14 Count: 11 x 15.5 inches