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World of Warcraft Jaina by Frenone Notification Sign Up

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Jaina is the bottom right of this image, with the white hair and blue spear.

You can put your name down for the notification list via the contact form at the bottom of my home page. She will be $20 and you don't owe me any money up front - you'll get an email when she's available.

Text will be added to the banner and additional text options will be available as freebies via the Facebook group! Hope to see you there!

As with Ysera and Sylvanas I plan to use metallic and satin threads along with the regular cotton for Jaina. She's going to be just about the same size, ~11x12 inches, as should all of these patterns.

I've ordered 100 special anchor charms that should be arriving in the mail within the next month or so (being shipped from China) to replace the silver stitching for her necklace. They'll be $0.75 each which covers the cost of the charm, the stamp itself, and the envelope it's shipping in. The silver stitching will be the default for the pattern, but the anchor charm could add something a little special if you want it.

Here's the test I did to check her face lines:

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