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Upcoming Patterns 2023

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Not everyone gets (or saves) my newsletters, so this is just a public posting of what's upcoming. :)

Work is starting on Frenone's WoW designs. I'm really looking forward to the change of pace, even if these characters are equally unknown to me as Sailor Moon is! The most popular in the Facebook Group poll, from most to least: Tarecgosa, Tyrande, Illidan, Lady Liadrin, Alleria, Yrel, Aysa, Everyone Else The "suite" designs have a different banner than the others and so will have slightly different templates, but besides that they should all maintain their roughly 12 inch square on 18 count fabric. You can pick the first six up from the previous batch, along with the extracted rose pattern, on Frenone's page. I don't know these characters but here's the names I have on the folders: Aegwynn, Alleria, Arthas, Aysa, Cairne, Illidan, Kalecgos, Lady Liadrin, Neltharion, Nozdormu, Tarecgosa, Thrall, Tyrande, Voljin, Yrel There are even MORE characters from Frenone in the future once I get these done!


I've been given approval by Erté's copyright holders to convert his alphabet! I learned while getting the images that it took him forty years to finish the original artwork... so I won't feel too terrible about falling behind. From what my research has told me he's considered the Father of Art Deco. What a privilege to work with such amazing pieces! I'm hoping to offer these for $10 each and $200 for the entire set. As actually finishing the entire set is going to take a long while, the discount will be given retroactively to those who purchase the first twenty patterns that are released (or in other words: buy 20, get 6 free). As an FYI, I would've be entirely surprised if you can't tell from this small preview, but a lot of this alphabet has naked boobies and suggestive posing. When they go up, and within my newsletter, they will probably be slightly obscured with this warning image.


After a bit of email tag, I've confirmed with the Mucha Foundation for his 1902 Moon and Stars series. There were three different options for this series. The first was kind of "green filtered", the second is what I chose with the "warm filter", and the third was very "bold" with oversaturation / contrast on the darkest portions and had slightly different framing. I went with the warmer tones because I think it would be the truest to the colors seen in person as well as feeling overall more "natural". Perhaps I've just been playing too much Fallout recently, but the green tinge looked a little sickly! They are: The Evening Star The Moon The Morning Star The Pole Star I don't intend to start on these any time soon as I still have PLENTY to catch up on with Frenone, Hannah, and Erte - but I can confirm they're in the lineup!


And currently under wraps, I have confirmed a Hannah Series 12 but I'd like to catch up on the above before too much hype comes from it. :)

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