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Pre-Orders for Hannah Alexander: Series 10

Series 10 will be Zelda themed! I'm SO incredibly excited about this! You might know that Princess Peach is my favorite Nintendo super star, but as it turns out Super Mario games are not the top tier spot. That belongs to the Legend of Zelda, and with that comes Princess Zelda (and all her iterations) as a solid contender for the #1 spot in my gaming heart.

Reserves are available for Pink Zelda and Green Link. Please fill out the contact form on the front page to add your name to the reserves list. They will cost $20 each.

Part of why this announcement was on hold for so long is because I was juggling how to handle Patreon-exclusive designs with Hannah Alexander. In the case of Zelda, her pink version is public (you can see it in spots like Hannah's Instagram) but the blue version is Patreon only. (Same goes for Link's green vs blue versions.)

I'm extremely happy to tell you now that we've come to a solution together: Hannah's Patreons will have access to a password for the Secret Shop here on my website. There's no password yet, as there's nothing in there yet, but that's how it'll work! When an exclusive pattern does go up Hannah will post the password for her Patreons and a link to the pattern which will be available for purchase at that point. I suspect you'll need to be on the same tier that allows you to see the exclusive designs in order to get the password.

As Patreon-exclusive patterns cannot be posted in the normal Facebook Group or other social media there will be separate private spaces so that WIPs and discussion can still be had. Each of the Exclusive patterns have their own SAL Facebook group and the link is included in the PDF and as a text file (for easy copy-pasting).

With all that in mind, Set 10 includes:

  • Pink Zelda

  • Green Link

  • Blue Zelda (Exclusive)

  • Blue Link (Exclusive)

  • Navi (Exclusive)

  • Mipha (Exclusive)

When you buy either Link or Zelda it will come with a coupon for its counterpart, but you will need to have the Patreon password to get the Blue versions.

There will be no reserves for the Exclusive patterns.

I will be doing ovals for all of them. Zelda and Link have large frame variations that I will do my best to do too! As with all Hannah Alexander patterns I hope that this will be around 2 feet tall on 18 count fabric.

Here's a teaser for Navi, Tatl, Tael, and the Healing Fairy.

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