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Partnership with Wendy's Beads and Things

Ahh... beads! I love beads! I love the extra dimension they add to the final piece, I love the sparkle as you walk up to see it and the light reflects off all those glorious facets, and I love how much extra pizzaz it adds to the characters. I've teamed up with Wendy to make the bead buying process both easier and more affordable! I'm so excited to bring this upgrade to you guys, it feels like I've leveled up my shop. You know how my patterns sometimes call for just a small amount of a certain color, but you have to buy a whole pack of beads and end up with a ton of leftovers? This is going to help with that a bunch! By buying beads weighed out to give you the proper amounts you're going to save money, time, and reduce waste. Why add a dozen different bead packs to your cart when you can just add it by the whole design? Wendy ships everywhere and is happy to get you whatever Mill Hill beads and crystals you need. We're working on getting some of the specialty supplies stocked in the future too. Just let her know which designs you want to buy beads for and she'll take it from there. You can contact her via: - Facebook Business Page - Facebook Personal Page - Email: WENDYSBEADSANDTHINGS@OUTLOOK.COM - Phone: 424 398 2577 (texting is best)

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