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Hannah Alexander's Series 12 Now Available

The Witcher lady trio: Ciri, Yenn, and Triss are ready to enchant your canvases. You can pick them up right here. If you signed up for the reserve list, you can find your name here. I'm quite proud of myself for managing to get all of their frames worked in. :) It was a bit of extra work to then remove the frames and flowers to fill in the missing parts of their legs - especially Ciri's boot! - but I believe it'll be worth it for all who don't want all of the extra work involved with the frames. The frames themselves are solid-stitched but the background bits are half-stitched for layering effects. :) For the most part they are using your standard DMC and Kreinik as you've grown accustomed to for my work, but I also tossed in a couple colors from Threadworx for extra special effects. Ciri is using a purple-pink color for her sword hilt, and Triss is using a varigated gold for her armor bits. I did debate on Triss for a long while, if it was the right choice or not, but her gold is so often thin that I thought the end result would be worth it. Plus the gold Threadworx for her has a bit of green sparkle to it, making it perfect for her dress and magic. Yenn uses a little bit of Rainbow Gallery's Petite Very Velvet for her ribbons.

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