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Erte's Monograms N, O, P, and Q are Now Available

The next selection from Erte's Alphabet Series is ready! You can pick them up by clicking right here. Not Safe For Work warning: man with no pants, naked boobies, and suggestive posing.

N - 3.5 hours. N is a beautiful lacey pair of dress forms, half wrapped with glittering Kreinik and beads.

O - 1.5 hours. O is a pair of acrobats, I think? They shine with gold metallic stars.

P - 4.5 hours. P is a glorious fall-leaf nymph, with golden metallics either making up her hair or lining it. (Your choice!) Of the entire series I think P is the one I want to see stitched up the most, and not just because I'm Pinky. :) I really want to see her glitter.

Q - 2.5 hours. Q is a guy with two birds. Honestly, I think you don't have to stitch the guy.

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