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Erte's Monograms F, G, H, I, J, and K are Now Available

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The next selection from Erte's Alphabet Series is ready! You can pick them up by clicking right here. Not Safe For Work warning: naked boobies and suggestive posing.

F - 3 hours - uses a lot of Rainbow Gallery's Fuzzy Stuff in the bird feathers. I thought this would be easier than making everyone backstitch all the little pokey bits on each of them, and it will give the final piece more texture.

G - 4 hours - this mermaid is very fishy in her palette! She uses sort of off-blue thread for her skin and lots of beads for her eyes and scales. Her fins are metallic. Pulled from Rainbow Gallery to get a better orange for the fins than Kreinik could offer (now that Orangeruptis is discontinued).

H - 2.5 hours - these ladies are almost identically mirrored. The original artwork used lots of spikey lines to show the texture, but I've replaced that with more Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff. Optional instructions are included if you want the entire stoll to fuzz.

I - 2 hours - I'm not really a fan of this one! 😅 Her neck thing is made of beads and I found a nice Mill Hill bead for the flower-nipple. I wish I could've found butterfly beads small enough to fit, but those will have to be stitched. Mom and I incorporated glittery Kreinik all over the place which should make up for it.

J - 1.5 hours - the most simple design thus far, I think. Her hair is metallic for some extra sparkle.

K - 3 hours - I really wish she wasn't looking so distressed! And the cupid is such a little gremlin here. To save everyone's sanity the column is a blend of 950/White (so you don't have to backstitch all the marble) and the stockings/sleeves are a blend of 948/Crystalline (to save you from stitching all those teeny tiny swirls).

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