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Erte's Monograms A, B, C, and D are Now Available

The first selection from Erte's Alphabet Series is ready this week! You can pick them up by clicking right here. Not Safe For Work warning: naked boobies and suggestive posing.

A - 3 hours - Mostly cotton with metallic swirls for the "bodysuits".

B - 5.5 hours - The outline for the snake is metallic gold, I believe the rest remained cotton. The snake scales are on a separate pattern layer.

I asked my friends for opinions and we thought it would be best if her nipples were also beads so they'll stick out from the fabric along with her little bead thong. Her lips will be cotton, despite matching color.

C - 5 hours - Minimal metallics, almost entirely cotton. I hope you like backstitch for these monster feathers! There will be a teardrop crystal from her nipple.

D - 2.5 hours - The most metallic so far. The moon and bow are almost all metallics and beads. She has metallic blending filament for her body stars and hair, with beads for the smallest stars throughout.

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