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Animal Crossing and DOOM Inspired Patterns from Luddeagle

Fourteen new patterns are now available in two listings!

Thirteen fruits inspired by Nintendo's Animal Crossing can be found [here] for $15.

You can stitch the apple, banana, cherry, coconut, durian, grapes, lemon, lychee, mango, orange, peach, pear, and persimmon.

Of course the release of Animal Crossing coincides with the obvious choice of id Software's DOOM Eternal, so Luddeagle provided an extra 'fruit': the helmet. You can find that [here] for $2.50.

Luddeagle's artwork was fabulous to work with. The durian was my least favorite to figure out with all those points. I remember growing up playing Super Mario Sunshine and having to collect them for yoshi. Always my favorite to collect due to the beautiful shade of pink Yoshi would turn... but also my least favorite because you had to kick them around like a soccer ball instead of picking them up like all the other available fruits.

Naturally, my favorite pattern to work with in this collection was the peach. I already know when the game is in my hands that I'll just be resetting until peach is my town's starting fruit. In terms of Ludd's artwork the pear was probably the most straight forward and quickest pattern from start to finish.

I really wanted to get these stitched before the release date but life just isn't going to allow for it. So - one day! Until then I hope you'll send in photos of your completed work.

Happy stitching,


Ashley Mae

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