The Zelda connection was unintentional! It might not seem so since the colors match perfectly with the Hyrule Historia, but I assure you it's the truth. I purchased these beads about two months ago in Sedona. I had picked up the green beads, which are topaz with blue lining, and noticed that there wasn't a size 15 tube to match them. I really wanted to use them though and found the gold beads to offset the missing color - they are absolutely the most beautiful gold beads I've ever worked with and I can't wait to get more! When I was working on the skirt I noticed it matched the Hyrule Historia and decided that my gamer subconscious must've been interfering with bead selection (much to my delight today).

This is the first five-inch bead dress that I've ever finished in one sitting! I was quite tired by the time I was finished and probably won't force myself through it again, haha, but it was worth the challenge and I'm very proud of the result.

Made from glass seed beads. Size 11 in blue-lined topaz and silver-lined gold. Size 15 and 8 in rainbow-coated silver-lined gold. Mostly herringbone stitch. The main dress is threaded with green Japanese One G nylon; the lower tier skirt is threaded with brown One G. The sequins are hand-punched from larger sequins.

The Zelda connection, as explained, was unintentional. All Zelda rights belong to Nintendo.

Zelda Green and Gold Mermaid Miniature Bead Dress

  • The original pattern is Japanese - this is my modified version.