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A project I thought would be quick but ended up taking a lot longer than I expected, haha. The main image of the two roses was fun and easy, each color blends together perfectly and honestly it's a pattern I wouldn't mind doing again. The lower rose could also be done as a single rose in the future. I have some of these pink-yellow-gradient roses in my own yard; according to google searches these are known as Chicago Peace roses.

Changes were made from the original pattern. For the most part I followed it to the T, but some places were just nicer to change. Some of the stitches that were marked as half became full, for example. I added blending filament to the butterfly wings to make them stand out more (difficult to photograph) from the ivory leaves around them. I also replaced all french knots with glass seed beads as per my usual.

The finishing for this piece was different from anything else I have done previously. Since the frame for this was an entirely separate piece of fabric I had to cut the center from it to display the roses. There was some batting/stuffing involved in this process as well. Once I stitched everything, I ironed out the folding seams. I then cut out the center of the green/blue fabric, ironed that again, and secured it to cardboard with the batting. The result is a super squishy-fluff mat frame. From there I centered the roses up and stuffed all of it into the current frame. I think that glass would make it too thick for this frame so I didn't include it, but someone could add glass to it later if they want to put it all back together again. P.S. I never want to finish a piece like this again, how ridiculous.

Two Pink and Yellow Roses with White Butterfly Padded Frame