One of the most basic starter prompts in these games is to enter a tavern to get your first quest and do a bit of light roleplaying with the group to get to know each others' characters. :) So I can think of no better first D&D pattern to join my shop than this one! Ludd drew up the tavern on a grid so it translated beautifully into my program and went together so cleanly. I'm really, really happy with the turn out.


Blessed be Luddeagle for putting out this fanart for us to stitch!

Tavern Adventure Prompt from Luddeagle

  • You'll need to have a PDF viewer. Most of the time that means going to Adobe's Website and downloading it. If you're on mobile that means downloading an app that will work with your operating system.

  • 99w x 119h stitches

    18 Count: 5.5 x 6.5 inches