The majority of this dress takes its base from the original pattern that I've done twice before. The skirt has been customized to give it an edges, pointy sunflower look, and that's all custom. The original pattern is Japanese and therefore not my own, I have simply made custom modifications to it.

The bodice uses five different shades of brown and black to recreate the sunflower's center. When looking for inspiration on flower dresses they are almost always the green of the stem and outer layers and the skirt takes up the underneath of the petals. I've flipped this around and made the center of the flower the bodice and the skirt the top of the petals, replicating how most people view a sunflower. My original sunflower reference photo is [here].

This dress has had the most positive response on facebook, more than any other dress! My friends are already hopping around for more flower dresses so you can look forward to more in the future when I figure out how to both color them properly and get the skirts to look like petals!

Creating the custom pattern for the skirt petals wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done. I looked at lots of sunflowers to make sure that the pointed edges were proper, then discussed with Mom back and forth if I should just create two skirt layers so that one "shadows" the other. I decided in the end creating two skirt layers would be too heavy and drag the whole thing down instead of letting it be airy and wide. I doodled my final skirt pattern haphazardly on the edge of some notebook paper and told myself that if it didn't work I could just cut it all out, so the only loss is a few yards of thread and time. In the end though I made adjustments as I was beading to keep the points pointy and didn't have to cut anything out! Yay!

Uses size 15 glass seed beads in transparent yellow, rosey-copper, brown-green-gold, and silver-lined black. Size 11 glass seed beads in silver-lined yellow, matte silver-lined brown, and dark silver-lined brown. Threaded together first with brown Japanese One G nylon and then yellow for the skirt. My goal was to replicate the flower as closely as I could and I believe I achieved that.

Sunflower Brown and Yellow Ballerina Miniature Bead Dress

  • The original pattern is Japanese - this is my modified version.