I made the pattern back in 2017, did a very fast color check with Mom on the art, and then filed it away until this month. Stitching her up went alright, I ran into just a little problem with my own design calling for many of the whole stitch colors to become their backstitching outlines. Of course for maximum cleanliness I like to do my backstitching last but it left quite a few dangling threads waiting for me to finish one section of whole stitches before I could tack down the backstitching and move on. I also ran into the issue of the metallic threads for this one. I originally wanted to do all of the metal/armor pieces in metallic, but the immense amount of partial stitches as I was working was a real pain. Plus - I had done the crown first and even though I think it's ammmaaaazing with the gold sparkles adding them in really took away the color shading. I decided her gauntlets couldn't have the same silver throughout or it would make all of the small stitching extremely pointless. I settled for outlining them in a thin silver instead.
His artwork was just a little bit larger than the coaster's circle allowed for, so I ended up cutting squares, especially at the bottom. I think it turned out fine all the same. I did argue with myself a while on how best to insert this into the coaster. I could have force the bottom upwards more to remove the diamond/weird edge look, but that would waste soooo much of Excalibur's stitching. As it is I chopped some of Excalibur off to keep her quail hair included.
Color Total: 40
Size: 3 x 3 inches
Time: 18.5 hours
18 Count white Aida

Saber Artoria Pendragon from Luddeagle

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  • 49w x 49h stitches

    18 Count: 2.5 x 2.5 inches