She's a full recolor of the previously finished Wedding dress (fully ruffled and rose'd) with some relativly minor changes. The most prominent, of course, is her color scheme. I really wanted her to fill me with Christmas spirit without overdoing the red and green theme many Christmas dresses do. Well, my very favorite Disney Princess that sits in front of my bed in my room, Belle in her Christmas gown, was not intentionally the inspiration... but probably led to the outcome. She's mainly red with gold, and only a very few touches of green. Let me tell you, when I put the green trim along the gold lace.... eeee! I impressed myself, truly, I did! It gives it just enough pop to really change it from a red and gold gown to a Christmas one!! Other parts of color scheme changes were the sparkly panel extending all the way around (in two tones instead of one), the bustle lace being two-toned, the roses, and the lacey trim. Structurally I flattened out the back to remove that weird dent and made the panel lace much smoother (it is still lacey on the bottom, it just curls under the red). The sparkles that go all the way around were done free-hand without a pattern and as such are unlikely to be duplicated.
I was expecting this dress to take me 30+ hours as before, but to my delight it took a mere 23! This proves to me my skill in peyote has increased dramatically and while it is still not my favorite I won't be as hesitant in the future to participate.

Uses many glass seed beads, surely over 2,000 beads, I used an entire 6-inch tube of red! I was also frighteningly reminded of the fact that these are glass when the dress toppled over while making the golden lace... she fell with all her weight onto her bust and a single bead on her breast shattered, leaving tiny red glass fragments all over my table. I was able to repair the hole it left without it looking like I even had to make a repair... but please take heed in my clumsiness to be gentle with them.

Glass seed beads in size 11 and 15 in red, gold, silver, and green, as well as two specialty green glass leaves of two sizes. Threaded entirely one-at-a-time with red Japanese One G nylon with white One G for the roses. Uses peyote stitch on the bodice and panel, herringbone for the skirt and roses, Right Angle Weave for the lace, and basic threading for the bustles.

She will be set up for sale as is, with her roses, bustles, and other flares (I cannot remove them). She includes a "Make it Pink" signature tag on the inside of her skirt which should very much not be removed as it proves her authenticity. She cannot be removed from her mannequin/dress form without permanent damage.

This may be my most favorite dress I've done yet... she just glitters with Christmas spirit!!

Red, Green, and Gold Christmas Roses Wedding Miniature Bead Dress

  • The original pattern is Japanese - this is my modified version.