I was distracted by my work with Queen Alicia and other projects, but this cream and confetti idea had been swirling around ever since the idea came to be! At the beginning of June I went up to Sedona with my mom and her friend and while there got to visit a bead shop. They had perfectly pre-mixed tubes of silver-lined confetti beads! These were much easier to work with than the bead soup tubes my aunt sent me since everything was of uniform sizes and textures.

Mom sat with me during the final planning stages of this piece and decided that if I just left the rainbow along the top and the bottom the dress would be too "heavy" and not work. I told I her I could do the "stripes" in rainbow and help pull it all together, but Mom hates stripes! It was for the best though - stripes are much nicer than a bottom-heavy dress and it turned out soooooo gorgeous, I love all the beautiful color matches and the not-on-purpose gradients!

Uses glass seed beads in size 11 and 15. Off-white light cream and silver-lined various. The colors are vibrant and glorious! Threaded together with white Japanese One G nylon. Included a photo of my signature tag that's hidden on the inside of the skirt. Mostly herringbone technique.

Rainbow Cream Confetti Mermaid Miniature Bead Dress

  • The original pattern is Japanese - this is my modified version.