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I was lucky enough for the small crown to come up in my shop this past week and my brother and I made the effort to pull the Bells together. 1,000,000 of them, in fact!! Haha, well with the new crown I really needed a beautiful dress to go with it and what better than my favorite Nintendo princess's?

This is based originally from this old pattern, now dead on the internet. Because New Leaf uses a different format for the new dresses & shirts than you would've seen in past titles I had to do a bit of alterations to make it fit. The result is a really beautiful dress! The blue stone in the middle was given a small gold outline and sparkles when you walk. Everything outside of the original pattern I linked is my own work with reference images used. It's missing the gold filigrees from the brawl dress.

Princess Peach and Daisy Dresses for Animal Crossing QR Codes

  • Use coupon code "FREE" at checkout.

  • To use QR codes you need to unlock it at the Able Sisters'. Talk to Sable every day and soon enough you'll have it.